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In addition:

  • Oren’s Transit Page is an unofficial website and does not represent any of the transit systems that appear on this page.  If you wish to get schedule information, maps, navigation help, or anything of that sort, please contact the agency in question directly.  A list of official websites for every transit agency features on Oren’s Transit Page is available here (English language links are provided whenever possible).
  • The Jerusalem Bus Map is an unofficial resource that exists to assist travelers in navigating the Jerusalem transportation network on their own.  Individual queries asking for navigational help that can be made using the provided map will not be answered.  However, if you need assistance in using the map itself, please do email, I would be happy to help!
  • If you provide a personal website address, I will certainly try to take a look at it.  However, I do not “share links” and post links to other websites at my sole discretion.