Where Do Your Eyes Wander?

Bombardier Flexity Outlook “Cityrunner” 3069 on Rue Royale at Warandeberg, Brussels, Belgium, November 21, 2013

When taking a transit photo, sometimes the goal can be to take a picture of the vehicle and just the vehicle, as explained in the explanation of Types of Transit Photos.  However, sometimes a transit photo can be taken with a background that takes the viewer’s attention away from the vehicle in the photo.  For example, in the photo above, are your eyes supposed to focus on the tram as it comes down the street, the buildings lining the street to the right, or the Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg Church and other buildings in the background?  On the two occasions I’ve found myself in downtown Brussels, I’ve found many opportunities to get photos such as this one, where the “focus” of the photo is hard to pin down.  While the tram is certainly what initially inspired the photo, there is certainly much more to see here than the vehicle itself.  What are your eyes drawn to when you see this photo?