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On account of the fact that Canada is the world’s second largest country in terms of area, it has a highly developed and extensive transportation system allowing nearly all parts of the country to be interconnected.  This includes 44,797 miles of national railway track, however only 19 miles are electrified.  The two largest freight operators are Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway.  Passenger services are operated by VIA Rail, which is a crown corporation  VIA Rail operates nearly 500 passenger trains a day in eight provinces.  Most of these services are “corridor” services connecting major cities.  VIA has two long distance trains.  The Canadian operates between Toronto and Vancouver and the Ocean operates between Montreal and Halifax.

The transportation networks in Canadian cities are also quite well developed.  Toronto and Montreal have subways, Toronto has one of the largest streetcar networks in North America, and Vancouver has the “SkyTrain.”  In addition, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver each have a commuter rail system and extensive bus service.  Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa each have a light rail system.