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The Hague

Transit services in The Hague are operated by HTM Personenvervoer NV (formerly HTM or Haagsche Tramweg Maatschappij).  The network also includes operations in Rijswijk, Leidschendam, Voorburg, Delft, Zoetermeer, Wateringen, Pijnacker and Nootdorp.  HTM operates trams within The Hague and the surrounding area, RandstadRail in conjunction with RET (the Rotterdam public transit company), and buses under the banner of HTMbuzz, a joint venture between HTM and Qbuzz.

The Hague Trams

The tram network in The Hague dates back to 1864 when the system was horse drawn. Horse drawn trams remained in service until 1907. Steam trams were in service from 1879 until 1932. Electric tram service debuted in 1904. The network currently has 12 tram lines and 4 "light rail" lines that are part of the RandstadRail network.

The Hague Buses

Since 2012, bus service in The Hague has been operated by HTMbuzz, a joint venture of HTM and Qbuzz. HTMbuzz operates 135 buses on eight routes and six night routes.


RandstadRail is a network of trains and trams connecting The Hague, Rotterdam, and Zoetermeer. It uses high level trains between The Hague and Rotterdam on the former Hofpleinlijn railway line between the two cities. This service was formerly known as the Erasmuslijn. Since 2010, the line has connected to the rest of the Rotterdam Metro at Rotterdam Centraal Station and trains continue all the way to Slinge in the southern part of the city.

The tram lines originate in The Hague and serve Leidschendam and Zoetermeer using a fleet of Alstom Regio Citadis trams.

Two buses were added to the network in December 2012 to connect the Rodenrijs Randstadrail station to Zoetermeer.