Jerusalem Bus Map

Welcome to the Jerusalem Bus Map at Oren’s Transit Page. This fully interactive, unofficial map can be viewed in Google Maps and contains route information for many bus routes in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, as well as the Jerusalem Light Rail.

לגרסת עברית, לחץ כאן

Effective at the beginning of March 2015, Google removed the ability to project the bus routes and points of interest over their map interface. As of April 1, 2015 the Jerusalem Bus Map is back, with a new interface, and restoration of most of the features the old version had. There were also some other changes, hopefully those are seen as positive (one was a longstanding request to have the map start off blank instead of showing all the routes at the beginning once it finishes loading). As time permits, other features may be added and the new interface may be adjusted, please be in touch!

Click here to open the Jerusalem Bus Map!

NOTE: This map is an unofficial map, and this website has no affiliation or connection to the Egged Bus Company, Citypass, the Jerusalem Transportation Management Team, or any other transit provider in Israel or elsewhere in the world. While it is believed that all the information shown on the map is correct, the map’s accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, routes may be changed temporarily or on a long-term basis, with or without notice, for many reasons, including but not limited to road construction, heavy traffic or traffic accidents, road closures, security closures, and weather. You are strongly encouraged to allow ample time to allow for delays that might be caused by any of the aforementioned reasons, and also so that you can locate your nearest bus stop since bus stop locations are not indicated on the map. Oren’s Transit Page is not liable or responsible should you not arrive at your destination on time, as planned, for any reason as a result of using this map.

What is included on the Jerusalem Bus Map?

The map shows all routes where “Code 62” fares are valid:

  • Intracity lines within Jerusalem
  • Night Lines/Kavei Lilah
  • Suburban lines to Ma’ale Adumim, Mevaseret Zion, Givat Ze’ev, Ora, Aminadav, Even Sapir, Almon/Anatot, Kochav Yaakov, Tel Zion, Adam, and Kever Rachel (Rachel’s Tomb)
  • Jerusalem Light Rail (route and station locations)

The map also indicates the location of major destinations throughout the city (transportation centers, neighborhoods, major streets, and other points of interest) and which lines stop at each of those locations.

How to use the Jerusalem Bus Map

You can decide which routes and stops are displayed on the map at any given time. When the map first loads, the map will be blank. .  To the left, is a menu of options such as “Jerusalem Light Rail Route & Stations” and “Local Jerusalem Bus Routes.”  Choose the type of route you wish to see.  The menu will then expand to show each route in that category.  Click on the checkbox next to a route to select it, and it will appear on the map.

To identify which route is represented by a given colored line, just click on that line and a balloon will appear that shows the neighborhoods and other major destinations that route serves. In areas where many lines run on the same street, you may need to zoom in very closely to be able to click on the line you want to see.

You can use the point of interest pins to determine which routes run close to where you are going.  To see them, click “Major Stops & Points of Interest” and then choose the area where you want to see the points of interest.  Then, click on a pin to see the routes that stop at or near that location.

Features in Development

A number of requests have been made for changes to the map interface in order to make it more user friendly.  The following have been requested and as time permits for me to experiment with the necessary coding, I will try to bring these ideas to fruition:

  • An option to make all the lines appear on the map with a single click
  • A “rollover” feature so that if the mouse hovers over a route or point of interest, it will display what it is without a mouse click

Please be advised that the Google Maps API has limitations and some desired features may not be possible with my level of coding in combination with Google’s own restrictions.  If you have a suggestion for an additional feature or improvement, please share it!