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If you would like to inquire about using content from Oren’s Transit Page in accordance with these guidelines, please contact Oren’s Transit page directly using the provided link.


Oren’s Transit Page is an unofficial website and is not affiliated with any of the featured transit providers.  While all reasonable efforts will be made to keep the information on this website up to date, Oren’s Transit Page cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of this information.  Oren’s Transit Page, with the exception of the unofficial Jerusalem Bus Map, is not meant to be used for navigation or travel planning purposes.  The Jerusalem Bus Map is an unofficial resource  and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, routes may be changed temporarily or on a long-term basis, with or without notice, for many reasons, including but not limited to road construction, heavy traffic or traffic accidents, road closures, security closures, and weather. You are strongly encouraged to allow ample time to allow for delays that might be caused by any of the aforementioned reasons, and also so that you can locate your nearest bus stop since bus stop locations are not indicated on the map. Oren’s Transit Page is not liable or responsible should you not arrive at your destination on time, as planned, for any reason as a result of using the unofficial Jerusalem Bus Map.  A list of links to the official websites of each transit agency featured on Oren’s Transit Page is provided here.