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Horloge FleurieMarch 17, 2008

Horloge Fleurie, Geneva
March 17, 2008

Switzerland is known for its highly efficient transportation networks and they are a very reliable way to get around the country’s rugged terrain, no matter the season.  Swiss railways are among the most used in the world, with the average Swiss citizen traveling over 1500 miles on the national trains in 2008.  The network is also among the densest in Europe.  However, despite having such an advanced railroad system, Switzerland has no high speed trains of its own, and the high speed trains serving the country are those of the neighboring countries (Germany, France, Italy).

Switzerland only has one subway system, located in the city of Lausanne, which is the smallest city in the world to have its own subway system.  Many cities have tram systems, including Basel, Bern, Geneva, Neuchâtel, and Zurich.  These and other cities also have bus systems, and Geneva’s was the first to use “double articulated” trolleybuses anywhere in the world.