The New York City Transit Authority has to maintain each and every one of its subway cars. In addition, the cars must be stored when they are not on the road. To do this, the transit authority has many yards and shops located throughout the system.

What is the difference between a yard and a shop?

A yard is where trains are stored when they are not in use. A shop is where the trains are maintained. All shops have yards (i.e. Jamacia and Coney Island) although not all yards have shops (i.e. Lenox and Canarsie).

On this website, there are photos from the 207th Street, Concourse, Corona, East 180th Street, and Rockaway Park Yards. If you are interested in viewing photos from other yards, there is a link to another website with more photos.


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Corona Yard
Located in Corona, Queens, serves the #7 line
207th Street
The 207th Street Shops and Yard, located in upper Manhattan, serve the A and C trains as well as a variety of other trains.
Concourse Yard
The Concourse Yard in the Bronx serves as the shop and yard for the the B and D trains and as a yard for the 4 train.
East 180th Street Yard
The East 180th Street Yard in the Bronx serves as the shop and yard for the the 5 train.
Rockaway Park Yard
The Rockaway Park Yard in Rockaway Park, Queens serves the A and Rockaway Park Shuttle. Click to see the photo at the left enlarged.
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The photo at the left was taken by Dave Pirmann
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