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Azienda Napoletana Mobilità SpA (ANM) is the public transit operator in Naples.  Naples has a network consisting of three tram lines, six trolleybus lines, 140 bus routes, four funiculars, and the city’s Metro system.  The funiculars and Metro were only recently transfered to ANM’s administration; they had previously been operated by Metronapoli.  The system sees an annual ridership of about 175 million passengers.

Naples Buses

Azienda Napoletana Mobilità SpA (ANM) operates over 140 bus routes with a fleet of over 1000 buses.

Naples Metro

The Naples Metro has two lines, however, only one is currently open to the public. That line is Line 1, which first opened in 1993 and currently has 18 stations. Extensions to the Naples Airport and Naples Centrale Railway Station are being planned and constructed. The Metro is known for its many artwork installations, earning it the name \"Metrò dell\'Arte.\"

Naples Funiculars

In addition to its buses and trains, ANM is also the operator of four funicular lines within Naples.