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Trenitalia was formed in 2000 following the passage of an EU law stating that all national railways must be privatized, even if it is a mere formality as Trenitalia is owned entirely by the Italian government.  Trenitalia operates high speed, long distance, and regional services throughout the country with a mix of electric and diesel locomotives.  Trenitalia also operates a few international services in conjunction with the national rail operators of the other countries served by each train.  such as the overnight Venice-Paris “Thello” service.

Trenitalia High Speed Trainsets

High speed train service was inaugurated in Italy in 1977 on the Rome-Florence route. As of 2015, there are nearly 600 miles of high speed track with maximum speeds as high as 186 MPH.

Trenitalia Regional Electric Trainsets & Locomotives

Traditional intercity services are not particularly frequent, as most service operates via the high speed routes. However, these services provide mobility to cities and towns that would otherwise not have railway service, as well as overnight services.

Trenitalia Regional Diesel Locomotives & Motor Cars

Trenitalia also operates a variety of regional services, including those managed by regional agencies but ticketed through Trenitalia itself.

Trenitalia Stations

Trenitalia serves over 200 stations throughout Italy each day.