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Krakow has a very developed public transit network, operated by MPK Krakow.  The city’s first tram was a horse tram that operated a 1.7 mile long route that opened in 1882.  The network was electrified beginning in 1901 and built to a narrow gauge.  Starting in 1913, the network was converted to standard gauge and new tracks and trams were installed.  In December 2008, the first section of the “fast tram” opened.  The “fast tram” is no different than the rest of the network but has priority at crossings, a dedicated right of way, and a short underground section.  Today, the tram network has 56 miles of track and 27 lines.

There is also a bus network that feeds the trams, but very few routes actually make it in to the city of the center.  The fleet has over 500 buses, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

Krakow Düwag E1 Trams

Krakow's Düwag E1 Trams were originally manufactured for Vienna's tram network between 1966 and 1976. They entered service in Krakow in 2004.

Krakow MAN GT6 Trams

The MAN GT6 trams were originally manufactured for the city of Nuremberg, Germany between 1961 and 1966. The first GT6 trams entered service in Krakow in 1995, after undergoing modifications to allow the trams to operate in Poland. They remained in service until January 15, 2013, at which point the last GT6 tram was withdrawn from service.

Krakow Konstal Type 105Na Trams

The Konstal Type 105Na trams are the most common trams operating in Krakow. They first entered service in 1975.

Krakow Bombardier Flexity Classic (NGT6 & NTG6-2) Trams

Krakow's first Bombardier Flexity Classic (NGT6) tram entered service in December 1999. In 2003, a second set of Bombardier Flexity Classic (NGT6-2) trams arrived. These were further supplemented in 2013 by Bombardier Flexity Classic (NGT8) trams.

Krakow Buses

Krakow's first public buses operated in 1927. Today, the bus network has 581 fully accessible buses in its fleet serving 141 lines.