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Public transit in Geneva is operated by Transports Publics Genevois (TPG).  Following a reorganization of the network in 2011, the system now consists of 4 tram lines, 6 trolleybus lines, and 47 bus lines.

Geneva Trams

Geneva's first trams were inaugurated in 1862 and in the early 1920s, the network was 75 miles long and the largest in Europe. However, as tram lines were converted to bus lines, the size of the system decreased until only one line was left. Today, there are 4 lines and about 22 miles of tracks.

Geneva Trolleybuses

The Geneva trolleybus network opened in 1942 and is now the second largest in Switzerland. The network operates within Geneva and also to the nearby municipalities of Cologny, Le Grand-Saconnex, Lancy, Meyrin, Onex and Vernier.

Geneva Buses

Geneva's 47 bus lines are served by a fleet of over 200 buses.