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Nyon, located about 15 miles northeast of Geneva, is the start of the Chemin de Fer Nyon-St.Cergue-Morez railway.  It also has a small municipal bus system.

Nyon Buses

Transports Publics Régionaux Nyon-Ouest Vaudois (TPRNOV) operates six bus routes within Nyon and six "regional" routes that serve the surrounding municipalities.

Nyon–St-Cergue–Morez Railway  (NSTCM)

The Nyon–St-Cergue–Morez Railway line opened in 1916. It was fully electrified from the onset. From 1921 until 1958, the line extended 24 miles from Nyon to Morez, France. Since then, it has terminated at La Cure. The route from Nyon to La Cure reaches an elevation of 4,029 feet above sea level.