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Israel Railways

IC3 DMU 7203 at Jerusalem-Malha May 18, 2012

IC3 DMU 7203 at Jerusalem-Malha
May 18, 2012

Israel Railways is the state operator of all passenger and freight railways in Israel.  Although Israeli cars drive on the right side of the road, as a former British Mandate, Israel Railways uses “left-handed” operation (as does neighboring Egypt).  Israel Railways was founded upon the declaration of Israel’s independence in 1948, inheriting lines that were formerly operated by Palestine Railways under the British Mandate and rebuilding many of them, as they were damaged during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.  Today, Israel Railways operates over 700 miles of track serving 55 stations.  The majority of the Israel Railways lines run along the Mediterranean coast and in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, but there are lines extending south to Be’er Sheva and east to Jerusalem.  In addition, there are plans to extend the network north and east to Beit She’an, Karmiel, and Kiryat Shemona.  The majority of the Israel Railways rolling stock is imported from Europe and is similar to many models that can be found on other countries’ railroads.

Israel Railways Alstom JT42BW Diesel Locomotives

The Alstom JT42BW locomotives were manufactured in Spain and delivered between 1996 and 2006. They can travel at speeds of up to 87 MPH.

Israel Railways Bombardier Bi-Level Push-Pull Trainsets

The Bombardier Bi-Level Push-Pull trainsets operate on every Israel Railways line with the exception of Tel Aviv-Jerusalem. They entered service on Israel Railways starting in 2001 and over 200 units are in service as of 2015.

Israel Railways Siemens Viaggio Light Push-Pull Trainsets

The Siemens Viaggio Light push-pull trainsets are Israel Railways' newest passenger rolling stock, having entered service in 2009. The initial order consisted of 87 units, and a second order in 2011 consisted of an additional 31 units.

Israel Railways Alstom Push-Pull Trainsets

Built in 1996 by Haargaz, 37 Alstom Push-Pull units are in service as of 2015. There are only 5 cab cars, so the number of trainsets in service at any one time is fairly limited.

Israel Railways IC3 "Flexliner" DMU Trainsets

The IC3 "Flexliner" DMU trains are the only self-propelled passenger units on the Israel Railways network. These trains are most easily found on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem line since the Alstom diesel locomotives are unable to climb the steep grades found on that line. Israel Railways has operated the IC3 DMU since 1992, and currently has 48 3-car trainsets. Trainsets can be coupled together to create a 6 car train.

Israel Railways Stations

Israel Railways currently serves 55 stations located throughout the country.

Israel Railways Museum

The Israel Railways Museum is located at the site of the old Haifa Mifratz (Haifa East) station. The museum’s building houses historic locomotives and coaches. It was originally built as the coach depot of the Hijazi railway.

Abandoned Jerusalem-Jaffa Railway Right-of-Way

Service on the Jerusalem-Jaffa Railway was suspended in 1998. Following its reopening in 2005, the line terminated at a new station constructed next to the Malha Mall, rather than the original "Khan" station closer to central Jerusalem. The line between Malha and the Old Jerusalem station was abandoned for many years and ultimately converted to a linear park in 2012.