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Orlando & Disney World

Although it is not a public transit system in the traditional sense, Disney World has a large network of buses, monorails, and ferries working each and every day to transport park guests around the entire complex.  These modes connect the amusement parks, resorts, parking lots, and other venues such as Downtown Disney.

Orlando itself also has its own public transit system.  LYNX is the local bus operator, and SunRail began offering commuter rail service in the area in May 2014.

Disney World Monorail

The Walt Disney World Monorail System has been in operation since 1971, with several expansions built since then. Today, it is used by over 150,000 people each day.

Disney World Buses

Disney operates an extensive bus system connecting all of its parks to the various resorts and other attractions that make up Disney World. Buses are dispatched automatically using a system called "Magic in Motion" that is designed to assign buses to routes with high passenger loads in real time rather than having buses drive on fixed routes and schedules.

Orlando LYNX

LYNX provides bus service in the Greater Orlando area. It was founded in 1974 as Tri-County Transit. The service was rebranded as LYNX in 1994.