Oren’s Reading List: Everyone’s Personality Matches Two Types Of Transportation — What’s Yours?

The American Public Transportation Association is celebrating National Get on Board Day tomorrow, and to drum up some publicity for the event, they have sponsored a Buzzfeed quiz to match your personality to public transport modes.  Take the quiz now and discover yours, and then share your results in the comments below.  I’m apparently  a combo of an aerial tram and a bus.

After you take the quiz, you can help build support for public transit by visiting APTA’s Get on Board Day Website. On that site, sign a petition showing their support, share stories about how their lives have been impacted by public transit, and learn about its value. ​​

Oren’s Reading List is an occasional feature on The Travelogue in which I share articles that I’ve read that might also be of interest to the readers of this website.