Oren’s Reading List: Paris’s New (Unofficial) Metro Map

In the article I posted yesterday, Paris’s iconic metro map is ranked as being the second most complex in the world.  I’ll admit, it certainly seems a bit overwhelming to me each time I look at it. Recently, a design studio made an attempt to improve the map by using lines 2 and 6 to make a perfect circle around central Paris, modifying angles to be at 30 and 60 degrees instead of at 45 degrees, and then filling in the rest of the lines based on these principles.  The map even includes certain attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, indicating where one should get off to reach these destinations, and can easily accommodate the future Line 15, which will be another circular Metro line around the city.  Do you prefer this design over the traditional Paris Metro map?  Read about the new (albeit unofficial) map here and decide which you prefer for yourself!

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