Rail Photo of the Month: October 2019

2200 Series 2222

2200 Series 2222

Location: Polk Station, Chicago, IL
Operator of Vehicle: Chicago Transit Authority
Date of Photo: July 30, 2007

Yesterday, the Chicago Transit Authority celebrated its anniversary.  On October 1, 1947, the CTA assumed the operations of the Chicago Rapid Transit Company (the ‘L’ system) and the Chicago Surface Lines (the streetcar system).  In recent years, the CTA has marked the occasion with a “Customer Appreciation Day.”  This year’s edition included the first public run of the 6000 Series trains since their retirement on December 4, 1992.  The 6000 Series cars were introduced in 1950 and featured “blinker doors” to facilitate better movement within the cars for ingress and egress.  They were also the first cars in the CTA rail fleet to be married pairs.  

To celebrate its 72nd anniversary, the CTA ran the cars in the Loop during the midday yesterday.  I wasn’t in Chicago, so I don’t have any photos of the event.  (This post could turn in to a lament about how it has been too long since I’ve visited Chicago, but it won’t.)  Instead, I decided it was fitting to share a photo of a 2200 Series Car that featured the same type of blinker doors that the 6000 Series cars featured.  The 2200 Series cars were retired in August 2013, and like the 6000 Series cars, a limited number have been preserved for historical purposes.  

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