Bus Photo of the Month: September 2019

NABI 60-BRT/CNG 5414

NABI 60-BRT/CNG 5414

Location: H Street, NW at 16th Street
Operator of Vehicle: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Date of Photo: March 13, 2015

If the transit fan rumor mill is to be believed (a risky proposition at times), your chances to catch a photo such as this one are dwindling.  The NABI 60-BRT/CNG articulated buses that WMATA took delivery of in 2008 are approaching retirement.  A handful have been rehabbed, but others have not, potentially shortening the useful service lives of those units.  These buses have also been seen on the streets of DC less frequently, with some supposing that if it weren’t for the need for extra buses due to the Blue and Yellow Line shutdown in Virginia, they would already be retired.

I’ve been on these buses only once or twice back when they were brand new.  They certainly brought a unique look to the WMATA fleet, being the first NABI BRT buses the agency ordered.  I find the front to be a bit peculiar looking, so these aren’t my favorite buses from an aesthetic standpoint.  However, taking shots of articulated buses as they are coming around curves is one of my favorite photos to go for while transitfanning, no matter the model of articulated bus, and WMATA will be getting more 60 footers to replace the NABIs when it is time to dispatch these buses to the “big bus garage in the sky.”

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